Flux is the top student at Propulsion Prep, Crater's school for geniuses. She is excitable, effusive, and easily distracted. Life is an experiment for Flux. It's okay with her if she loses the Tour; she's simply gathering data for next time. When Flux isn't tinkering with her portable Transdimensional Field Generator, you can count on her testing out the cute but dangerous Rockats or even summoning a Black Hole Cat for science!



Bouncing rockets. Hold to guide.

Black Hole Cat

Large and slow rocket that grows by catching incoming attacks. Hold to guide.


Temporarily hide from opponents in an alternate dimension.


FLUX is a preteen prodigy and star pupil at PROPULSION PREP. She collects advanced degrees faster than a taxi driver gets speeding tickets. She is excitable, effusive, and easily distracted – a lisping, world-class nerd who'll talk your ear off about String Theory, or her string collection, with equal gusto.

Propulsion Prep is like Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat – it appears and disappears at random, thanks to the TRANSDIMENSIONAL FIELD GENERATOR in the building's basement. Flux also wears a portable version, which is built into her goggles; it comes in handy when she wants to evade an opponent's rockets during the game by hiding briefly in an ALTERNATE REALITY, which she calls THE FLUXVERSE. But we digress.

The first time Flux and her fellow Prep students took a field trip to The Gemstone Jungle, she was enamored with the Jaaqua relics they saw. She hurried back to her lab and invented her own version, the ROCKAT, a candy-colored mini-bot that levitates.

By the way, Rockats may look cute, but they are wildly powerful weapons. Each contains a proton-sized BLACK HOLE. When Flux uses her tablet to trigger the floating felines during a match, their mouths open, and the microscopic black holes inside them generate an intense CAT FACED-SHAPED GRAVITATIONAL VORTEX, which sucks in whatever is in close proximity. So hang on tight to your Rocket Launcher, or Flux's Rockats will swallow it with a satisfying <VWOMP!>