Air Marshal Rindle Topnotch is the legendary commander of Crater's military garrison, Fort Rocket, and is a hero of the RocketBot Uprising. But he will often bring the Tour action to a halt with war stories, and then suddenly snap out of his reverie to blast his opponent. Old age, or shrewd strategy? Both, most likely. Armed with his Bouncing Beauty, Topnotch is capable of calling down an artillery strike with Artillery Salute, and the dreaded rocket strike with the Zephyr Strike.



Bouncing Grenade. Hold to delay detonation.

Artillery Salute

Call down a cascading artillery line.

Zephyr Strike

Lock-on and initiate a giant rocket strike.


  • Taking down a large group of enemies
  • Zoning enemies from objectives
  • Defending key positions


AIR MARSHAL RINDLE TOPNOTCH is the legendary commander of Crater's military garrison, FORT ROCKET, and a man of impeccable honor and integrity. He insists that every match he enters, and every point he scores, goes strictly by the book. If one of his adversaries fumbles his weapon (like Jayto often does), Topnotch refuses to take advantage of the situation. He'll pause, shout "Take a moment, gather your wits, there's a good lad!" – and then, once the playing field is level again, resume the fight, chortling with glee. He's a sportsman, but also something of a wackadoodle!

The other players are generally deferential to Topnotch – after all, he is the oldest Tour participant. He will frequently halt in the midst of battle to reminisce over the old days. But then he'll come out of his reverie and blast his adversary out of the game. Is his apparent distractedness a sign of old age, or a shrewd strategy? Hard to say for sure, but that twinkle in his eye when he scores a win might be a clue.

Air Marshal Topnotch has quite the advantage during the games because of the DUAL-ROCKET BACKPACK he wears, which allows him to fly. His primary weapon is the BOUNCING BEAUTY, which skips along the ground in a serpentine manner and will not explode until Topnotch releases his launcher's trigger. He also utilizes the ARTILLERY SALUTE, which looks like a fireworks display, until it hones in on his foe like a swarm of explosive hornets. Finally, when Topnotch wants to clear a surrounding area, he rockets upwards and smashes down with his SABRE, resulting in a circular blast zone he calls the ZEPHYR STRIKE, after his aerial battleship, THE GOLDEN ZEPHYR.